about this blog

Dear views,
Purpose of this blog is to learn and sharing tips, technique, information, news and many more about photography for everyone. With the help of your valuable suggestions and advise I am trying to improve this blog every day more informative, useful and interesting. I am really pleased to having those many  optimistic response and critics from all around the word. Whether you are professional or non professional, doesn't matter every one has there own unique thoughts and prospective therefore you are always welcome to share your opinion and I respect them.
Being a photographer, since 1993, in this long journey I have come a cross with many changes, changes of technology, techniques, methodology etc. therefore I myself have learn a lot and still continue. So lets share experience and help each other.
If you find any topics/page interesting or useful in this blog please share to others too and don't for get to recommend to Google.
Thank you.
Saroj Baniya