Types of Photography

It has categorized several types of photography with dozens of sub-categories as per its use, taken procedure & prospective. Followings are known as common types of photography.

Adventures place and activities like mountaineering expedition, rock climbing, rafting, sky diving, snow surfing, cave exploration etc.

This type of photography is done from the altitude where camera or photographer is not positioned based on ground or earth surface. Taking photos form Plane, Rockets, parachutes, helicopter, using kites, balloon, pole etc are some example of aerial photography.

Animal and pet
Picture of pets dog, cat and animals etc.


Photography of buildings, houses etc.

Photography which is taken in artistic view.

Astro photography
Photography from space or satellite telescope.

Black & white
Photography without color, gray scale tone photography.  

About the products, advertisements relate to promote business of commerce.

Dig scoping
Telescopic or binocular photography.

Photography about events like part, concert, fair, conference, festival etc. 

Delhi Auto Expo 2010 India
New year party
Legal photography on crime and murder.

High Dynamic Range. Combination of multiple image of different expose (Under exposed, normal exposed and over exposed) images, give detail and more depth in image. Learn how to create HDR image. 

Political, news, events, information etc.

Photography of nature and scenery mountain, hills, sea, river, farm land etc. 
Mugling bridge Nepal

Close up photography of small subjects. 

Photography of medicinal and medical related which helps to study and diagnoses disease and problems.

Micro photography
Photography of microscopic object which is not visible to naked human eye.

This type of photography includes some techniques like long time expose (time laps). Sky at night, streets with vehicle lights.  

Bangalore City at Night India
Widening the view of angle by using software for function of camera the resulting images take the form of a wide strip image which is more angle of view than human eye.Learn how to create HDR panoramic image.

Tumkur Karnataka State India

Portrait, fashion, family, Glamor etc.

Photography on scientific terms for example scientific research, microscopic objects, picture about astrology etc.

Photography on sports and game.

Stereoscopic (3D)
Blended images of Illusion, 3D depth looks which two pictures taken simultaneously in slight different angle (angle of view right and left).  

Photographs of various things purpose to sell use of commercial or non commercial on their project to third party.

This type of photography is also known as long time expose photography. Using tripod or hand held can be taken artistic looks images. Long head lights or back light blurry line of vehicles at a street at night or hand held artistic looks image as shown below image 01.

Image 01

Elevated Road Electronic City,  India

Travel photography can either be created by professionals or amateurs. The Photographic Society of America defines a travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations.

Below 400 nanometer frequency of light is not visible for human eye such web length of rays are known as ultraviolet rays. Using some filters you can take ultraviolet pictures.

Picture taken under water is known as underwater photography. There are multiple products of different brands manufacturing water proof housing for various module of camera which allows you to have all controls on your camera with full water proof and anti fog.
Photo by Andreas Steinhoff
Photo by Nick Hobgood
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