have you checked these all before you go for out door shooting?

Most of the time when you go for outdoor shoot you might forget some of important things to do so that you might get embarrassing result of your shoots. So I would like to talk about some of the tips which everyone should follow before going for outdoor shooting.
1. Have you gathered all of your equipment? Like camera, different lenses, filters, flash, cleaning kit, tripod or mono pod, battery charger, data cable, etc.
2. Did you charge your camera and flash battery 100%?
3. Is your camera sensor clean? Did you check it? Do some testing shoots, taking some blank white surface snaps so that dirt or spot can be detected.
4. What about lenses? Are they clean? follow the same process taking blank white surface snaps.
Once you reach the spot you may not get the time to do all those stuff and if environment is dusty or moister contain, it is not good idea to open or clean your lenses. So make sure you did all steps carefully at your home and get your back pack or camera case and enjoy outdoor shooting.