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Belgium based multinational company Agfa is manufactures of various products including camera and digital imaging products established in the nineteenth century. Agfa also supplies film and related products.


For as long as anyone can remember, ALPA has been known to perfectionists of photographic technology as one of the world’s top names. The reputation is now based on six camera models, all engineered to the highest supportable degree of mechanical precision. Their versatility and the reduction to the essentials attracts all those photographers who wish to leave the world of compromise behind them when they choose their instruments, who search for unhindered access to their creativity.

Arca swiss

ARCA word the meaning All-Round-Camera. Arca swiss manufacture a large format camera for various kinds of photographic jobs. Since the beginning cameras are produced in interchangeable components: bellows focusing rails, format frames, lens etc.


Canon a Japanese multinational corporation was originally named “Kwanon” later company name was changed into Canon in 1947. Canon is manufacturing products of imaging and optical items. Cameras, lenses, camera flash, lens filters, photocopy machines, computer printers, camcorders etc. In 1934 Canon produced first Japan’s 35 mm camera.


1946 Casio was established in Tokyo, Japan. Casio is one of the renowned manufacturers of electronic products such as calculators, watches, musical instruments, audio equipment, cameras etc.  Casio released in 1995 The QV-10, the world's first digital commercial camera that includes a color TFT display behind the camera.


In 2005 Contax one of the 35mm medium format and digital camera manufacturer has decided to stop producing cameras due to difficulties in catching up with the recent rapid market changes. Contax was using Carl Zeiss optics components in lenses.


Ebony cameras are universally recognized as the world's finest professional flat-bed view cameras. Designed by Hiromi Sakanashi, one of Japan's leading large-format photographers, these unique cameras are compact and light enough to be used for field work, with a range of movements rivaling the best monorail cameras, yet retain the distinctive beauty, character and craftsmanship of traditional wooden flat-bed cameras. Ebony make a full range of large-format and ultra-large-format (ULF) cameras, from 6x9cm to 20x24". Alternative combinations of materials and features can also be made to order. For the ultimate in professional view cameras, look no further.
Fujifilm Photo Film Co., Ltd. was established in 1934 with the aim of being the first Japanese producer of photographic films. Fujifilm is a multinational photography and imaging company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
Fujifilm produces color photographic film, digital cameras, color paper, photofinishing equipment, medical imaging equipment, photofinishing chemicals, graphic arts equipment, flat panel displays, optical devices, photocopiers and printers. 

Graflex produced only three cameras which may be considered as true view cameras. It was best known for its press cameras and the big Graflex SLR's. There were also these three view cameras, the Crown View (1938-42), the Graphic View (1941-49) and the Graphic View II (1949-67). The Graphic View and View II cameras were produced and sold in volume. 


Haking was founded in 1956, Haking is with design and manufacturing of 35mm and APS film cameras. Haking produces prismatic binoculars as well. Haking headquarter is located in HongKong, Southern part of China. 

In 1841, Hasselblad family established a trading company, F. W. Hasselblad and Co. located in Gothenburg, Europe. The company was importing supplies and products of photography. Later company established a photographic division and which becomes a major part of F. W. Hasselblad and Co. First images of man on the moon and of earth from the moon captured by Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr., with a Hasselblad 500EL/70.

In 1889 Kodak was established in United States of America. Kodak is one of the well known manufacturers of photographic film products. Kodak manufactures photographic equipment like camera, film and materials.
Konica Minolta

In 2003 two individual Japanese photographic products and equipments manufacturing company Konica and Minolta merged and formed Konica Minolta. Konica Minolta is a former photographic products manufacturer. From 2006 company formally announced that they are no more in to the photographic business. Sony took over the camera service operation and production in 2006.

Three independent companies are sharing the brand name Leica, Leica camera AG, Leica Geosystem AG, Leica Microsystem AG. Leica camera AG produce camera products, Leica Geosystem AG produce geological survey equipment and Leica Micorsystem AG manufacturing microscopes

In 1887 Linhof was established in Munich, German. Linhof is one of the manufacturers of large format film cameras. Initially company was producing camera shutters and later in 1934, company started manufacturing cameras.  


Lomo was established in 1914 as a French- Russian limited company.  Lomo is a manufacturer of optical instruments, cameras, lenses, projector etc. 
Mamiya leaf
Mamiya Leaf is one of the trusted manufacturers of medium format film cameras and optics. Company was established in Japan (Tokyo) in 1940. Mamiya is producing digital cameras and quality lenses.
Minox is a German manufacturer of camera, digital binoculars, night vision, rifle-scope and other optical equipments. In early, 1936 Minox produced small cameras which can be carried all the time.  

In 1917 Nikon was established as Nippon in Japan later company was renamed Nikon Corporation. Nikon is manufacturing digital cameras, lenses and other imaging equipments.


Tokyo (Japan) based Olympus Corporation was established in 1919. Olympus is manufacturer of camera, lens and medical equipments such as endoscopes, microscope. 
Panasonic Corporation was established in 1918 with its different name. Formerly Panasonic Corporation was known by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. For few decades Company adopted different names like National, Technics and final Company now is known as the brand name Panasonic. Panasonic manufactures multiple electronics products including camera, lenses, camcorder, video cameras and stereoscopic (3D) cameras. Lumix is a brand of Panasonic digital cameras, ranging from pocket point-and-shoot models to digital SLRs

German camera manufacturer Pentacon was producing camera and lenses earlier. In 1991 company stopped its production and went in lost. Later one of the lens producer Schneider Kreuznach bought the rights of Pentacon and company was reestablished as Pentacon GmbH. Pentacon is producing lenses and cameras and company is now outsourced for other company.  

In 1919 company was established as name of Asahi Kogaku Goshi Kaisha. Initially company used to produce spectacle lenses. Later company adopted the name Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. and started manufacturing cameras and lenses. In 2008 Ricoh Company Ltd purchased Pentax imaging business. 


Established in 1937, American based company Polaroid Corporation is manufacturing instant film cameras since 1948. Company is in production of filters for sun glass, eye wear, mobile printer, digital camera and zink paper for printing. 


In 1936 Ricoh Company was established in Tokyo, Japan. Ricoh is producing camera, printer, photocopy machine, fax machine etc. In 2011 Pentax imaging business was bought by Ricoh Company.  


In 1920 Rollei was established in German manufacturing optical products, Rollei produced medium format Rolleiflex and Rolleicord twin lens cameras. In 1995 South Korean, Samsung bought Rollei and in 1999 it was sold back again to the Rollei. Since then it was sold out again and split in two companies Rollei GmbH and Franke & Heidecke GmbH. In 2009 Franke & Heidecke GmbH went in bankrupt.    


In 1938 Samsung Sanghoe was establish in South Korea. Samsung was formed as a trading company dealing with groceries products.  After the Korean War, Company involved into production industry like woolen mill and various fields such as insurance, securities, and retail.
In 1960s, Samsung started electronics production of various items. In 1995, Samsung bought German camera-maker Rollei. Samsung is one of the manufactures of camera. 

Sanyo was established in 1947, Osaka Japan. Sanyo is one of the major electronics company. Company manufactures various electronic products including camera and camcorder. From 2009 Sanyo’s become a subsidiary of Panasonic.  
Schneider Kreuznach

Originally Schneider Kreuznach a German company was established in 1913 as Optische Anstalt Jos. Schneider & Co. The company is producing several high quality large format lenses for multiple companies. Nikon, Samsung, LG, Kodak are some of them. In 2001, Schneider received an Oscar for Technical Achievement for their Super-Cinelux motion picture lenses.

In 1961 Sigma Corporation was established in Japan. Company is manufacturing camera, lenses, flashes and photographic related accessories. Sigma produces various camera mount lenses for different module and brands. Sigma is offering chipper lenses for many brands like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax etc.  

1876 Carl August Koch opened photographic studio son Carl Hans Koch continued the business and In 1947 Carl Hans Koch invented Sinar camera. Sinar is a Swiss camera manufacturer. Sinar produced medium and large format cameras.

Sony established after the end of World War II in different name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo in Japan. When company was established it was working for audio related products transistor and tape recorder. The company introduced fist tape recorder in Japan.
With the successful growth in Audio devices manufacturing, Sony is also producing many other electronics products as such TV, play station, DVD player, mobiles, laptop, camcorder, camera etc.
Sony camera is using Carl Zeiss lenses for its products.  

Tamron Company Ltd. Is one of the Japanese optical products manufacturers. Tamron is producing different mount lenses and filters for several camera brands.


Vivitar Corporation was established in 1938 of different name as Ponder and Best in California, USA. Company was manufacturer and distributor of photographic and optical equipments. Vivitar is manufacturing different mount lenses for several module and brands of cameras. It is producing good quality lenses in better price.    

In 1756 Austria, Voigtlander was established. Voigtlander is oldest camera manufacturer brand and Voigtlander produced first 35mm camera. In 1965 Zeiss bought company’s share but later in 1972 brand was sold to Rollei. In 1997 Ringfoto again bought the brand. Now Cosina is manufacturing after the name of Cosina Voigtlander.     
Walker Camera

In 1989 Walker Camera was established in United Kingdom. Walker camera is manufacturing wooden classic brass made cameras. 


In 1949 Yashima Seiki was established in Japan. Later in 1957 Yashima brought a subsidiary brand Yashica. In the beginning Company was manufacturing parts for electric clocks. In 1953 Company introduced their first camera. Yashica produced twin lens reflex medium format, SLR and digital compact cameras.
After 2008 Yashica is manufacturing products under Hong Kong based Company JNC Datum Tech International Ltd. 
A German optical instrument maker Carl Zeiss (founder) established the company. Carl Zaiss is known as one of the best quality lens manufacturer. Initially Carl Zeiss was producing microscope. In 1972 Carl Zaiss was awarded for his contribution and design in optical products. After invention of camera he started manufacturing high quality lenses for cameras. Now Carl Zeiss lenses are using many camera brands and they proudly say they are using Carl Zeiss lenses in their products.
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